General Books about Grief

Recovering from the Losses of Life: By: H. Norman Wright

The Mourning Handbook: By: Helen Fitzgerald

On Grief and Grieving: Finding Meaning through the Five Stages of Loss:
By: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler

Experiencing Grief: By: H. Norman Wright

Tear Soup: By: Pat Schweibert

How to Go on Living when Someone You Love Dies: By: Therese A. Rando


Reflections of a Grieving Spouse: The Unexpected Journey from Loss to Renewed Hope By: H. Norman Wright

A Grief Observed: By: C.S. Lewis


If God Is so Good, Why Do I Hurt so Bad? By: David Biebel

Shattered Dreams By: Larry Crabb

Disappointment with God By: Phillip Yancey

When God Doesn’t Make Sense By: James Dobson

Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? By: Luis Palao

When God Says ‘No’ By: Judith Briles

Forgiving God By: Carla Killough McClafferty

The Problem of Pain By: C.S. Lewis

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: By: Rabbi Harold S. Kushner


The Grieving Child
By: Helen Fitzgerald

The Grieving Teen By: Helen Fitzgerald

Mommy, What’s ‘Died’?”: The Butterfly Story By: Linda Gill

It’s Okay to Cry: A Parent’s Guide to Helping a Child through the Losses of Life By: H. Norman Wright

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