Linda Gill, RN, MSN, MA, LPC

Linda Gill has Master's degrees in both Counseling and ParentLinda Gill-Infant Nursing. She is in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counsleor providing services for clients who have experienced any kind of life loss.

Linda has an extensive clinical nursing background including maternity nursing as well as intensive care nursing for adults, children, and infants.  She worked in a hospital setting from 1991-1996 as a Clinical Nurse Specialist providing crisis and bereavement intervention for families who experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or the critical illness or death of an infant or child. 

In 1995, Linda co-founded the SIDS Coalition in South Carolina, later assuming the position of Executive Director for the South Carolina SIDS Alliance affiliate.  In addition to her earned degrees, she is also a Resolve Through Sharing® (RTS) Coordinator through Bereavement Services®, La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Linda Gill is available to speak, provide classes or consulting services related to grief and loss.