“Grief Recovery at St. Andrews”
A joint ministry of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and Joy in the Mourning® Center, this 8 week program provides a safe place to discover you are not alone, find support, and learn valuable tools to help you navigate the challenging path of grief. The next program will begin Wednesday evening, August 24, from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. in Room 304.
This program is free, and pre-registration is not required.
For more information, go to and look under “Ministries” for “Grief Recovery.”
Located in the Irmo area, the church is located directly across from Crossroads Intermediate School. Address: 6952 St. Andrews Rd., Columbia, SC 29212

“Finding Your Way after a Suicide”
This 9-week grief recovery program addresses the very complex issues that complicate the grief process after the loss of a loved one to suicide. This program was offered during the winter of 2016. Date to be announced.

“Gone Too Soon” Grief Recovery Program
This 9-week grief recovery program for parents who have experienced the death of a child of any age was offered in the fall of 2015 and the winter of 2016. Date to be announced.

Support Group Leadership Training
“Support Group Leadership Training”
— a 12-hour, two-part program to teach you how to lead a grief support group: • Part 1: “How to Help a Heartbroken Friend”— 6 hours of training to help you learn how to help others who have experienced painful life circumstances and/or losses. Can be attended as a single training just to help you to help others, or as prerequisite training for Part 2. • Part 2: “How to Lead a Support Group” — 6 hours of training to help you determine if you are ready to lead a group and to help you learn and practice the skills needed for support group leadership. Part 1 is a requirement prior to attending Part 2.

Continuing Education Classes for Specific Grief Counseling Topics:
Available for Professionals for CEU credit. Registration fees paid directly to the instructor.

Classes currently available:

• “Grief 101 for Professionals”—Basic Grief Counseling Theoretical Applications and Interventions that Work. ©Linda Gill/Joy in the Mourning®
• “Treatment of ‘Complicated’ Grief-”—How to work with Clients who are “stuck” in Grief. Current Information about Persistent Complex Bereavement-Related Disorder (PCBD).
©Linda Gill/Joy in the Mourning®
• “Suicide Loss: Trauma, Complicated Grief, and Implications for Helping Professionals.”
©Suzanne Foster and Linda Gill/Joy in the Mourning®

Referral for Individual Counseling:
We make referrals for grief counseling. The charge for a session is determined by the counselor, and payment is made directly to the counselor.

We have a Counseling/Scholarship Fund (funded by a one-time grant and donations made by individuals) available to help those who cannot afford counseling to receive it (up to 6 sessions with the client paying a portion of the fee). This fund also helps those who cannot afford to pay the entire registration fee for a Grief Recovery Program.