our Mission, VisioN, and Values

Mission Statement
The “Joy in the Mourning”® Center (JIMCenter) is a faith-based organization that exists to provide programs and people to help individuals and families cope with the different losses of life and return to the joy of living.

Our Vision
Other than the Joy in the Mourning® Center (JIMCenter), there is no formal organization in South Carolina that focuses on, specializes in, and provides the essential support and professional services needed by people who have experienced significant life losses and crises involving loss. Though there are hospices and palliative care organizations that provide grief support for families experiencing death from a terminal illness, these do not provide services for those who have experienced situations and losses other than those related to terminal illness.

People who have experienced sudden, unexpected and/or traumatic losses have great difficulty finding the specialized help they need related to grief and loss. Our vision is to eliminate this difficulty by making possible a unique organization that specializes in professional counseling, intervention, and support related to grief, loss, and crisis, and that is capable of providing these services to the public. Our vision is to be able to serve everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Values:
The Joy in the Mourning® Center (JIMCenter) has been established to provide education, professional specialized grief and crisis counseling, grief recovery programs, support groups, and consultation, internships, and specialized training for students and professionals related to grief and loss. Our overarching goal is to help those who have experienced significant life losses to mourn their losses in healthy ways and return to the joy of living. We desire to provide services to any person, regardless of race, religious background, lifestyle, or financial means

We are a faith-based organization with biblically-based Judeo-Christian values which include:
• Integrity
• Compassion
• Empathy
• Non-judgmental Appraisal of life situations and circumstances
• The Inherent Value and Worth of every person
• Respect for each individual


our Story

Read a chapter from The Transforming Power of Story co-authored by Elaine Leong Eng, M.D. and David B. Biebel, DMin., published in 2010 by Healthy Life Press.
The chapter describes how Linda Gill began her journey of healing others.

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